Workshops (WS) are a new kind of activity in the ICME programme. It is a "hands-on" type of activity aimed at a limited number of participants (30-40) and targeted at a specific, or a more general, group of teachers (from pre-school to university), graduate students, and/or researchers, who are interested to learn or try something through active participation. Workshops should acquaint participants with and provide experience in a variety of areas such as those suggested by the following examples:

  • an alternative/innovative approach to teaching or to classroom practice.
  • a non-traditional mathematical topic for the curriculum, or a non-traditional approach to a traditional topic.
  • a methodology or a technique in mathematics education research.
  • an innovative use of information and communication technologies in the service of mathematics education.
  • an approach or a method to analysing videotapes (of individual students at work, classroom sessions, etc.).
  • ways to read, write or assess academic papers in mathematics education.

Normally, a WS will be allotted up to two one-hour time slots. Please note that participation in a WS is limited and allocated on a "first come first served" basis.

Individuals or groups may submit proposals to establish a workshop. Please click here to see how.