Cultural and social events will form part of the congress, and some activities will also be available before and after the congress. In addition to the excursion on Thursday, July 8, activities during the congress will take place in connection with the lunch breaks and the happy hours.

Social Arrangements
Sunday, July 4 15:00 – 20:00 Pre-registration reception
Monday, July 5 18:30 – 19:30 Welcome reception
Tues-, Wednes, Friday 18:30 – 19:30 Happy hours
Thursday, July 8 09:00 – 17:00 approx. Excursion day
Sunday, July 11 13:30 – 14:30 Farewell gathering

Dress code
For all events: Casual

Some activities have already been planned, such as 'Walk and talk' (guided walks in the neighbourhood of DTU), sports activities and mathematical walks in central Copenhagen. Other activities are still in the planning process.

The mathematical walks are:

Mathematical walk in the central parts of Copenhagen:
From the central railway station you will be guided through the old parts of Copenhagen. You will see mosaics in streets and on walls, churches and towers and many of the other attractions that Copenhagen has to offer. Your guides will be members of the Danish Association of Teachers of Mathematics. Duration: three hours and, if you are interested, ending with a Danish lunch.

A visit to the Citadel of Copenhagen:
This guided tour round the Citadel of Copenhagen includes many of the spectacular sights surrounding the citadel. Your guides will be members of the Danish Association of Teachers of Mathematics.
Transportation: public bus service. A pamphlet in English on Denmark at war and about the citadel will be handed out to participants.
Duration: half a day.

Thursday July 8, all participants are invited on a tour (included in the registration fee). All excursions aim at providing enjoyable settings for being together with colleagues and at the same time seeing some of the interesting attractions and aspects of Denmark and the Southern part of Sweden.

Transport time will not exceed 2,5 hours for most excursions.
Approximate transport time is indicated in cases when it is longer than 2,5 hours.

The programme consists of 11 day-tours and 9 half-day tours.
For all participants the excursion includes lunch.

Please indicate your choice of excursion on the registration form.
Allocation of tours is based on a "first come first served" basis.
All excursions may be subject to changes.

Day tours Half-day tours
1. Kronborg. Hamlet's castle in Helsinore is one of the largest Renaissance castles of Northern Europe. Culture.
2. Louisiana. Museum of contemporary modern art, and in itself an architectural masterpiece, followed by a guided walk in the royal deer park north of Copenhagen. Art and nature.
3. The Vikings in Roskilde. The Roskilde Viking Ship Museum and the Cathedral of Roskilde, west of Copenhagen, where the Danish kings are buried. History.
4. Viking sailing. The Roskilde Viking Ship Museum and sailing in open Viking boats in the fjord of Roskilde, west of Copenhagen. History and outdoor activity.
5. Lejre. Archaeological experimental centre and Ledreborg Castle west of Copenhagen. History and culture. Outdoor activity.
6. Ven. A Swedish island, home of the famous astronomer Tycho Brahe. Nature, culture and history.
7. Skåne. Tour in Österlen, South Scania, Sweden, with its many charming low white farmhouses and its special light which has inspired many artists. Culture and nature. 4 hours transport.
8. The white cliffs of Møn. The island of Møn with its high cliffs is of great geological interest and has many churches with beautiful medieval wall paintings. Nature and culture. Outdoor activity. 3½ hours transport.
9. Odense. Birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen and visit to Brandts Klædefabrik, Odense, which is an international centre for art and culture. Culture.
10. Ecology and organic farming. Visit to one of the country's largest producers of organic vegetables. Agriculture.
11. The Danish idea of A People's College. An international faculty teaches interdisciplinary and creative subjects to students from all over the world residing at the college. Culture and education.
12. Scandinavian design. Walk in Copenhagen to the Danish Design Centre and the Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Factory.
13. Royalty's Copenhagen. Walk in Copenhagen to different places and buildings that belong, or have belonged, to the Danish royal family.
14. Copenhagen tourist tour. Boat tour in the harbour and canals of Copenhagen, the little mermaid, the royal palace and the Danish house of parliament.
15. Science. The extraordinary Round Tower observatory, the Jens Olsen astronomical clock, Niels Bohr, Ole Rømer, H. C. Ørsted.
16. Another Copenhagen. Walk in Copenhagen observing Danish everyday life and the non-tourist sights.
17. Architecture. Guided tour in Copenhagen of places and buildings of architectural interest.
18. Copenhagen on your own including a ticket to the Tivoli gardens.
19. Mathematical walk in central Copenhagen See description above.
20. A visit to the Citadel of Copenhagen See description above.
It will be possible to join tours no. 19 and 20 at various times during the congress.