ICMI - The International Commission on Mathematical Instruction

IPC - International Programme Committee

LOC - Local Organising Committee

NCC - Nordic Contact Committee

ICME-10 is held under the auspices of ICMI -The International Commission on Mathematical Instruction.

For each ICME congress the scientific program is planned by an International Programme Committee (IPC), appointed by, but in principle working independently of, the ICMI Executive Committee (EC). 

However, in order to ensure continuity and conformity with general ICMI principles, the ICMI EC has representatives on the IPC (the President and Secretary of ICMI being ex officio members of the IPC). One of these will perform the role of liaison officer with the Local Organising Committee of the congress.

The practical and financial organisation of the ICMEs are the independent responsibility of the Local (or National) Organising Committee, again following general ICMI principles. In other words, while it is not ICMI as such which is organizing an ICME congress, neither in terms of the scientific nor of the practical aspects, all ICMEs are held under ICMI auspices.

To ensure and develop the Nordic co-operation, a special Nordic Contact Committee has been formed.

The visions for ICME-10