Call for “Circus Artists”

As a part of the program directed towards children and a general public, we will arrange a mathematical circus during the conference days of ICME-10. The idea is that this will attract local families, teachers and families of participants as a welcoming way to experience mathematical activities.

The circus will be located at campus in several big tents. We have chosen different themes for each tent, and will organize it as a journey through different worlds of mathematics. The themes are:
- Puzzles and games
- Etno-mathematics
- Techno-mathematics
- Mathematical competitions
- Mathematics and art
- Mathemagic
- Mathematics in daily life

The activities will be organized so that some children engage directly in an activity, and become a part of the performance, while other children will be audience. The equipment used, should be of a size that make it visible for everyone inside the tent. If it is possible, contributors themselves are asked to bring the equipment needed for their show.

Instructions for the activities should be written in English on one page, and if possible, in a Scandinavian language on the other side of the instruction sheet. We intend to make a book with the activities after the congress.

We also call for mathematical clowns and jugglers!

Late afternoons and evenings will be aimed at older children and adults. This will be in an area outside the tents, but with a roof. Here we will engage mathematicians in giving popular talks for a general audience.

We invite teachers from all countries to contribute and participate in the circus activities. These should be activities that have been tried out with students in class, at mathematics fairs or other events aimed at engaging children in active participation. In this way we will also have a chance to show how outdoor activities might be used as a tool for learning mathematics while having fun.

Suggestions for circus activities and popular presentations of mathematics should be sent to Vagn Lundsgaard Hansen, V.L.Hansen@mat.dtu.dk or Ingvill M. Holden, ingvill.holden@matematikksenteret.no.