Poster Exhibition
We anticipate space for several hundred posters and encourage this form of congress participation as a means of presenting a wide array of mathematics education initiatives concerning research or practice. The International Programme Committee has formed a new scheme for presentation and discu
ssion of posters.

Extended opportunities for poster submissions
The extended deadline for submission of poster proposals expired on February 1st. However, the Congress Secretariat continues to receive new submissions. The Congress organisers have decided that it will still be possible to submit poster
proposals that observe the poster guidelines till June 15th. However, new proposals will not be reviewed by the Poster Committee. Instead, they will undergo only a quick scrutiny for appropriateness and relevance to mathematics education. Proposals that pass this scrutiny will be accepted, but the abstracts will not be included in the programme booklet, and no round tables will be arranged for such posters. A special poster exhibition area will be made available to these posters, which will be labelled "late arrival, non-refereed posters". Each of these posters will be allotted a timeslot for presentation, and poster presenters will be given the same technical assistance as the regular ones receive.

Posters will be grouped, as far as possible, according to the themes of the 29 Topic Study Groups and the 24 Discussion Groups. Time slots will be made available for the presentation of posters. Poster presenters who so wish are invited to participate in scheduled Round Table sessions allowing commentary and discussion of groups of posters belonging to the same theme (approx. ten posters per group). The IPC will appoint experienced mathematics educators to chair such Round Table sessions.

Congress participants are invited to submit proposals for display in the poster exhibition area. Please see "How to contribute" for further information.