The ICME-10 logo is a viking ship with a four coloured sail: red, white (between red and yellow), yellow and blue. These colours are the colours of the flags of the Nordic countries. This and the viking culture uniting the historical roots of the Nordic countries symbolise the close Nordic co-operation in the planning of ICME-10. Mathematics and its importance for the congress is symbolised by the geometrical elements. But these also symbolise that the vikings developed complex skills for constructing and navigating their ships and that these skills where partly based on mathematical insights. Last but not least the ship also symbolises the planning and organising of ICME-10 as a journey. We hope that the ship will be returned safely into port by a great congress.

“Vikings” is the name given to the Nordic sailors who were active in Northern Europe, including Russia, and in North Atlantic regions from 800-1100 A.D. They have traditionally been seen primarily as pirates and colonizers. Recent research, however, reveals the vikings as much more than that. They were also merchants, craftsmen, artists, and founders of cultures.

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